Pearce Associates, Inc.

Contexts In Which We Work


Many communities face challenges in maintaining connection and confidence between residents and government, and nurturing a civil society that is active and supportive of community goals. We work with communities who are doing:

  • Community building
  • Citizen capacitation
  • Community-based visioning and planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Crime prevention
  • Public meetings
  • Public dialogue processes
  • Goal setting meetings
  • Multi-agency projects
  • Leadership training
  • Team building

Ways in Which We Work

Since 1996, the co-principals of Pearce Associates have worked as project leaders for the Public Dialogue Consortium's (PDC) participation in the "Cupertino Community Project: Voices and Visions" (City of Cupertino). The PDC designed and implemented a multi-year, multi-agency public dialogue process focusing on the issues of cultural richness and community safety that has created better communication among residents and between residents and officials. During this project, we have consistently worked with the ideal of dialogic communication and in collaboration with city officials and residents. Our responsibilities included designing the process, consulting with city officials and residents, training neighborhood and civic leaders, and facilitating public and private meetings. We have trained multicultural groups from 20 to 150 persons, including teenagers, adult residents, City officers, and senior citizens. We have consulted with the City Council, the Citizens of Cupertino Cross-Culture Consortium, the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department (West Side), and a Collaborative of educational and city government leaders. We have facilitated Town Hall meetings, team-building meetings, and citizen oversight committee meetings.

After a two-day Leadership and Team-Building Meeting, City Manager Don Brown wrote, "All I can think of to say is "Wow!" The PDC certainly outdid themselves this time. The Training and Teambuilding Program was a great success. I have had a number of followup conversations with participants in the last two days and am happy to report that the feedback has been consistently positive.

"There is no question that the participants felt good about having taken a couple of days out of busy schedules to be involved. There was a strong sense among those present that it was O.K. to talk openly about our cultural richness and to take some ownership over how the future dialogue is shaped.

"As I mentioned...the thoughtfulness with which you presented the program was superb. Those in attendance felt they were part of something important for their community and, I believe, made some personal commitments to remain in the dialogue."

Others With Whom We Have Worked

Redwood City 2000: we helped them adapt the "Study Circles" methodology for their a series of "community conversations" about youth and culture, and facilitated meetings (with about 20 residents participated) in which the specific topics for these conversations were identified and clarified.

City of Monte Sereno: we designed and facilitated their annual goal setting meeting.

City of Santa Clara Annual Goal-Setting Meeting: we designed and facilitated the meeting.

Mayor Judy Nadler said, "The City of Santa Clara appreciates the work of [Pearce Associates] ... The organization of the program as well as the manner in which it was conducted were outstanding. It was evident that you creatively approached the program objectives and outlined a method that would facilitate positive interaction ... I particularly like the focus on identifying positive accomplishments of the City, which were shared by all the elected officials. This discussion smoothly led us into our vision for the future."

"I was very pleased with your efforts. The expertise that you provided to us help establish mutually shared goals that will guide the City through the next few years and set a postive foundation for the future."

City of Cupertino Annual Goal Setting Meeting: one of the outcomes of this meeting was the decision to have the Leadership and Team Building Meeting for city officials and civic leaders.

City of Buenos Aires: we led a three-hour training in dialogic communication for about 300 city employees.