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W. Barnett Pearce and Jeremy Kearney, Eds. (2004). Coordinated Management of Meaning: Extensions and Applications. Human Systems: The Journal of Systemic Consultation and Management, 15, numbers 1-3, pp. 1-207.

This special issue of the journal brings together authors from 10 countries on 4 continents who are developing and using CMM in their work.


W. Barnett Pearce and Jeremy Kearney (pp. 3-6)


Jeremy Kearney (pp. 7-9)


Issue #1: Extensions through research

A reconnaissance of CMM research

J. Kevin Barge and W. Barnett Pearce (pp. 13-32)

Remembering the Alamo: Cosmopolitan communication and grammars of transcendence

Liliana Castañeda Rossmann (pp. 33-44)

CMM and the co-construction of domestic violence

Nalla Sundarajan and Shawn Spano (pp. 45-58)


Issue #2: Extensions through applications to specific settings

(i) Education

"Making up" a masters programme: CMM and the co-construction of teaching and learning processes in time and space

Jeremy Kearney (pp. 61-76)

Reconceptualising teaching: Using CMM to change rules and relationships in the classroom

Kimberly A. Pearce (pp. 77-88)

Saying, doing, and making: Teaching CMM theory

Allan Holmgren (pp. 89-100)

(ii) Community work

"Craftsmanship of contexts:" An as yet unfinished story of my connection with CMM

Saúl Fuks (pp. 101-114)

CMM and public dialogue: Practical theory in a community-wide communication project

Carey Adams, Charlene Berquist, Randy Dillon and Gloria Galanes (pp. 115-126)

(iii) Organisational Consulting

Reflexive inquiry and the strange loop tool

Christine Oliver (pp. 127-140)

(iv) Therapy

The name of the deceiver: Foucauldian readings of MCM (anagram of CMM)

Pietro Barbetta (pp. 141-152)

Generative instruments of CMM

Dora Fried Schnitman (pp. 153-164)


Issue #3: Extensions through conceptual development

Something old, something new: CMM and mass communication

Vernon E. Cronen (pp. 167-178)

The possibility of critical dialogue in the theory of CMM

Victoria Chen (pp. 179-192)

Articulating CMM as a practical theory

J. Kevin Barge (pp. 193-204)

Some personal reflections

W. Barnett Pearce (pp. 205-208)