Pearce Associates, Inc.

Contexts In Which We Work


When an organization is functioning well, many important things happen: it accomplishes its purpose; it prospers and so do the people in it; and it provides a framework in which individuals enjoy each other and feel fulfilled. Managers who perceive room for improvement invite us to help. Our work has the effects of:

  • Creating climates of trust and respect
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Providing the opportunity for the development of specific abilities and knowledge
  • Providing assessments of performance
  • Stimulating the development of new stories about the organization and the discovery of new ways for the people in the organization to go forward together

Ways In Which We Work

We recently worked with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers. CAFF was experiencing multiple transitions, including new leadership and a significant expansion of activities. Working collaboratively, we conducted a three-month public dialogue process that included an assessment of the organizations' needs and opportunities, leadership training, team-building sessions, and opportunities for improved communication among the various groups in the organization. The process culminated in a three-day off-site retreat in which staff and management worked together to assess their current status and set directions for the future.

Others With Whom We Have Worked

KCC-International: we have a continuing relationship in which we offer training and consultation. Workshops we have provided include seminars in conflict management, communication theory, research methods, and working systemically in public contexts.

DISPUK (Danish Institute for Training, Consultation, and Supervision): we have a continuing relationship in which we offer training for their staff and clients. Workshops we have offered include "Enriching the Learning Organization," "Research Methods: A Systemic Communication Approach," and "Communication Theory: the Coordinated Management of Meaning."

Fundacion Interfas (Argentina): we have a continuing relationship in which we offer training through the Foundation for their staff and clients. Seminars we have offered include "New Paradigms in Communication Theory;" "Communication and Mediation;" and "Community Mediation"

Sistemas Humanos (Colombia): we have a continuing relationship in which we offer seminars for their staff and clients and consult about the curriculum of their programs. One area of consultation lies in the development of a curriculum for conflict resolution training.

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center: consultation and collaboration with their Civic Engagement Initiative

Howard Area Community Center: interpersonal mediation for a conflict among staff members

La Contraloria General de la Republica (Colombia): the new constitution mandates public oversight of government projects. We spent two days training officials to faciltiate public meetings and two days consulting with the leadership of the department in designing a sustainable program of training.

Boston Consulting Group: we provided communication coaching and offered workshops in "Indirect Persuasion" and "Leading Cooperative Teams"

American Leadership Forum: full-day workshop on conflict resolution

Santa Clara County: we did an assessment of the training given to workers at the polls, having been instructed to look at the resources given for dealing with a multicultural electorate. We offered some specific recommendations for changes in the training provided by the County.